About Me

Who knew an about me page would be so hard?! I am many things.  Mom to my adorable little firecracker Damien (18 mo), wife to my amazing husband Mathias who runs an inspiring development nonprofit called blueEnergy in Nicaragua,  attorney at a law firm in San Francisco, baker, sewer, and crafter.  I have always loved to make things.  The internet has fueled this passion and allowed me to learn so many wonderful things.  

I have an obsessive personality, so I tend to find a new hobby, become obsessed about it, then at some point when new inspiration strikes, move on.  Recently, it was all about scrapbooking (paper crafting), then cooking, then baking - I had a baking blog for a while - and now it's sewing.  I don't like to think of myself as flaky - but I just like new things, and new challenges!  I love a good challenge, so much so, I tend to do it often.  Always biting off more than I can chew, as my mom would say.  I just get so darn excited, I want to do it all!  So, I am often up way later than I should - usually well past midnight (hence the blog name).  I often say nightly, I just hate going to bed!  As most of us feel, not enough hours in the day. 

 I don't expect to get a lot of followers, since I won't have time to blog a ton, do tutorials, giveaways, etc.  But, if you are reading this, thank you.  While this blog is mostly for me and a way to meet like minded sewing/crafting friends, it's always nice to get a comment or two!



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