Friday, February 7, 2014

Amora's Donut Quilt

Wow, almost exactly one year ago I wrote my last blog post!  Man time flies!  I'm such an Instagram addict, blogging just didn't happen.  But I'm going to try and post about some of my sewing finishes every one and a while, just cause it's nice to have an archive.

Immediately after seeing Amanda's Donut Quilt, I knew I had to make one for baby Amora.  I have been having major donut cravings this pregnancy so it only seemed fitting.  So at a recent sewing retreat with friends, and with the help of friends, primarily the awesome Tamiko, we modified the pattern to make a good baby size quilt with all full size donuts.  I finished the quilt top that weekend, and was so fired up basted it, quilted it and bound it later the next week - super fast for me (I have a gazillion WIP's).  I love this quilt so much and my first try at FMQ'ing went pretty well and was really fun and fast!  Definitely need to try this more and not always rely on straight line quilting.

The Fabric Pull

Planing the layout
A completed quilt top
Damien testing out his sister's quilt.

Close up of the loopy quilting

The full quilt
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