Sunday, January 13, 2013

Damien's Echino Quilt

It was finally nice enough outside during daylight hours that I am home (cause were in LA) for me to take pictures of the full Echino quilt I made my son.  I love it so much, I want one of my own, soon.  So does many of my family members!  We all love snuggling under it with my son when he's watching one of his shows during wind down time.  

I knew I wanted to do framed boxes for the design but the end result was a bit of an accident.  I am terrible at math, and I cut the solid first frame twice and large as I wanted it.  I had intended to do a small solid border followed by a larger print border.  Oops.  But I like the way it turned out because I think it really highlights the center Echino prints.

I worked on it over the New Year's holiday when my son was at his grandparent's house for 4 days.  It got cold in Berkeley (for an LA girl) and we turn the heat way down when we sleep.  So, my son needed a warmer blanket.  He was so excited to see it when he got home, he pointed out all the cars and the buses and planes, and animals and named every color.  That made me so happy.

I didn't want to do a lot of quilting with minky so I initially tried the sew right sides together and turn method, top stitching around (yes, there is betting in the middle as well).  After I did that I thought it was a little unstable, so I quilted a few vertical and horizontal lines to stabilize it.  The first run through without pinning (what was I thinking!!!!) was a disaster.  Guess I thought that since it was topstitched it would stay in place.  WRONG.  So after pulling that out, which was HARD, I pinned a lot and then quilted a few lines, and that worked fine.  The one other thing I did wrong was that I didn't pre-wash my top fabrics, so when I did wash the quilt, it shrank a little (no shocker there) and so the back is a little baggy in a few places.  Next time I will pre-wash the quilt top after stitching around the edges to prevent a lot of fraying (I like working with unwashed fabrics when piecing).  

Can't wait to have time to move on the next one.  I just stocked up on TONS more minky backing.  To me, heavy, soft, fluffly, warm quilts are preferred.  Echino and minky is a match made in heaven for me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


My Son's New Quilt
OK, two posts in a day, can you handle it?!  So, over the New Years holiday, while my amazing family was watching my son so my husband I could get a nice staycation alone (for the first time in 2 years being alone more than one night), I decided to make my son a nice warm quilt.  I will do a proper post about the quilt when I can get better pictures outside.  But here's a peak of him enjoying it!  (and if you follow on IG, you've seen it a bunch already!!).  The point now is that it features all Echino prints in the center squares.  I LOVE Echino (as I have already shared) and Kokka, the manufacturer.

 Well, after making his quilt, I couldn't help but make some nice piles of some of my other stash for two quilts for a good friend's new step daughters.  One loves pink and purple - she's got good taste I say.

And the other one likes greens and blues.  Also super pretty.  Well, I happen to have some good prints in those colors as well.  Seriously can't wait to play with these.  While I had all this Echino on the brain, a friend from Sewing Summit, amazingly talented Nydia from the ADD Crafter posted a pic of Echino's blue cameras, a print that until recently I could not find for sale ANYWHERE.  She was so kind enough to send me a piece of her precious stack.  Love her.  When I had it in hand, I just had to have more.  So I hit the internet, HARD.  And found LOTS of hard to find out of print goodies, and some at amazing prices.  

So, I may have ordered a bunch from many different places, cause the deals were too good to pass up, and I need to stock up since I will be in Nicaragua for three months this summer and need to pre-order my supplies, and Echino is MY FAVORITE.  Since I am so nice, and have been called an enabler, I will share my deal secrets with you.  BOTH the pink glasses and blue cameras are $14.41 a yard (yes, this is true) at Humble Beginnings.  The yellow/green sunglasses are here at Quilted Threads for $17.95 a yard (they also have the glasses in brown).

Fancy any of these Kokka prints, including the pink Decoro deer and Melody Miller Typewriter in blue at, wait for it, $9.74 a yard, then go to Fabric Robot.

Want some black scooters, or other older Echino Prints for $11-13 a yard, then go to Tommorow's Quilts.

There you have it, some amazing deals.  Don't hate me for sharing, I know it will be tough to resist.

Christmas Clutches

Wow, it sure has been a while since I last blogged!  Busy busy busy town.  Anyway, I wanted to share my go-to presents for all my special girlfriends this year.  Clutches are quite popular to make and to use right now, and once I learned how to make one from my awesome friend MaLora at the Sewing Summit, I ordered a bunch of supplies to make for gifts.

I didn't want to have to purchase a pattern.  Then I saw some fantastic purses on my friend Di's blog, and asked her if she used a pattern.  She directed me to The Villiage Haberdashery's tutorial to make your own pattern and gave me some tips.  Thank you Di!  So I made the pattern, tested it out, liked the result and went into mass production per the advice of my friend Elena.  This meant trying to do one step for all the purses at a time, like cut all the fabric out one night, the interfacing the next night, etc.  And so, 11 clutches were made and gifted!  (not all pictured here).

For my boss Molly.
For my friend Leah. 
For my friend Gabrielle.

For my friend Kate.

For my friend Jaci.
For my friend Ashley

For my friend Kristin
They are so fun to make.  Just ordered some more supplies to have on hand, just in case I need a quick gift idea.
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