Saturday, February 23, 2013

Echino Tote

Things have been a little crazy work wise, what is new!  But I finally got an afternoon off to sew!  And finally put my hoarded very large stash of Echino fabric to use.  Making a new diaper/travel bag for my son has been on my to-do list for a long time.  I'm so embarrassed by what we were using, I can't show pictures.  I'll just describe it as a very stained, plain cream canvas tote with pink straps.  My husband just loved carrying that on his walk back and forth to daycare - Not!

1st side panel top done.  A little busy, but I like it.  #echino
First Side Panel
I really really love the QAYG method, it is so much fun.  I really enjoy the creative improv process of just building something as you go along, as opposed to following a set pattern.

Side 2 done!  time to make a bag! #echino
Second Side Panel
I finished the panels Saturday just before my son returned from his adventure with his Dad.  I couldn't believe that it took me so long to make these two panels, since I don't get a ton of time to sew, I always feel so rushed to try and get as much done as possible. But then I reflected on how much fun I had, and decided not to stress about productivity.

Completed Tote!
I was determined to finish the bad that evening.  And since I was sewing late into the night (after taking the evening to spend with my son), I sewed the straps in backwards (with the webbing facing in not out), so I had to redo that.  After I did it a second time, I decided that I had also placed the straps too wide.  But I just didn't have the energy to redo a third time, so lesson learned for next time.

Tote Bag in Action
I didn't use a pattern.  Just measured the bag we were using and used those measurements as a guide.  As far as construction went, I cut one long piece for the lining, and then sewed the sides right side together.  Then when putting the bag together I stitched around the top right sides together and left a space for turning in the lining - AT THE TOP!!  Bad idea.  It was really hard to make that top whole look right when I topstiched around the top cause the QAYG panels were so thick.  So next time I will cut two pieces for the lining and leave a space for turning on the bottom!!

My Adorable, But Not Smiling Model
But all in all we are all super happy with the tote bag that I made in one day!  Especially my hubby, who uses it the most.   I'm already plotting another one!

Action Shot!

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