Thursday, January 10, 2013


My Son's New Quilt
OK, two posts in a day, can you handle it?!  So, over the New Years holiday, while my amazing family was watching my son so my husband I could get a nice staycation alone (for the first time in 2 years being alone more than one night), I decided to make my son a nice warm quilt.  I will do a proper post about the quilt when I can get better pictures outside.  But here's a peak of him enjoying it!  (and if you follow on IG, you've seen it a bunch already!!).  The point now is that it features all Echino prints in the center squares.  I LOVE Echino (as I have already shared) and Kokka, the manufacturer.

 Well, after making his quilt, I couldn't help but make some nice piles of some of my other stash for two quilts for a good friend's new step daughters.  One loves pink and purple - she's got good taste I say.

And the other one likes greens and blues.  Also super pretty.  Well, I happen to have some good prints in those colors as well.  Seriously can't wait to play with these.  While I had all this Echino on the brain, a friend from Sewing Summit, amazingly talented Nydia from the ADD Crafter posted a pic of Echino's blue cameras, a print that until recently I could not find for sale ANYWHERE.  She was so kind enough to send me a piece of her precious stack.  Love her.  When I had it in hand, I just had to have more.  So I hit the internet, HARD.  And found LOTS of hard to find out of print goodies, and some at amazing prices.  

So, I may have ordered a bunch from many different places, cause the deals were too good to pass up, and I need to stock up since I will be in Nicaragua for three months this summer and need to pre-order my supplies, and Echino is MY FAVORITE.  Since I am so nice, and have been called an enabler, I will share my deal secrets with you.  BOTH the pink glasses and blue cameras are $14.41 a yard (yes, this is true) at Humble Beginnings.  The yellow/green sunglasses are here at Quilted Threads for $17.95 a yard (they also have the glasses in brown).

Fancy any of these Kokka prints, including the pink Decoro deer and Melody Miller Typewriter in blue at, wait for it, $9.74 a yard, then go to Fabric Robot.

Want some black scooters, or other older Echino Prints for $11-13 a yard, then go to Tommorow's Quilts.

There you have it, some amazing deals.  Don't hate me for sharing, I know it will be tough to resist.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I was looking for the typewriters.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have an idea for a hot pink quilt and of course the echnio fits right in!

  3. I've hunting for the cameras--thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing - the cameras were already gone, but I got a yard of the deers for 10 bucks.


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