Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Clutches

Wow, it sure has been a while since I last blogged!  Busy busy busy town.  Anyway, I wanted to share my go-to presents for all my special girlfriends this year.  Clutches are quite popular to make and to use right now, and once I learned how to make one from my awesome friend MaLora at the Sewing Summit, I ordered a bunch of supplies to make for gifts.

I didn't want to have to purchase a pattern.  Then I saw some fantastic purses on my friend Di's blog, and asked her if she used a pattern.  She directed me to The Villiage Haberdashery's tutorial to make your own pattern and gave me some tips.  Thank you Di!  So I made the pattern, tested it out, liked the result and went into mass production per the advice of my friend Elena.  This meant trying to do one step for all the purses at a time, like cut all the fabric out one night, the interfacing the next night, etc.  And so, 11 clutches were made and gifted!  (not all pictured here).

For my boss Molly.
For my friend Leah. 
For my friend Gabrielle.

For my friend Kate.

For my friend Jaci.
For my friend Ashley

For my friend Kristin
They are so fun to make.  Just ordered some more supplies to have on hand, just in case I need a quick gift idea.


  1. Lucky friends! They look fantastic. Love the feather print you used :o)

  2. These are all so pretty! I can't pick a favorite. : )

  3. WOW! This wedding clutch is really very beautiful. I just love the color and fabric. I like first and last clutches the most.
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