Monday, April 16, 2012

Modern She Made Swap

So, despite having a TON going on right now, I just had to sign up for my first handmade Flickr swap. I have done tons of fabric swaps, but none of the ones where you make something for your secret partner. This swap is called Modern She Made and is being run by Jolie Maxtin.

My partner's mosaic was filled with rainbows - a like minded person. I had just purchased the book Scrap Republic (which is awesome) and thought I would use that for inspiration since my partner requested a mini quilt.

Here is the fabric selection process.

Here is the arrangement I was thinking of.

Here is the test block/row.

I received a lot of positive feedback from my progress shots, so I kept going. One more row to go and then I can trim them down, and add boarders. We also need to incorporate a circular element, so like the quilt in the book, I am going to add circles. But instead of pieced and sewn in circles in white, I am going to applique some light cream colored text prints. Then in the circles I am going to do some hand quilting with rainbow colored thread - I am thinking one circle for each of the colors I have used. I like how it is turning out, hope my partner does too.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Text Fabric Swap - SWAP IS CLOSED


Well, even though after the I-swap madness, I said I wouldn't do a swap for a while, I am obsessed with text fabric, and need them for my Japanese x and + blocks. So, I posted on the Fabric Swap Finder on Flickr about a possible swap, and it looks like there is enough interest. So join me!

This is my choice from my LQS (text fabric only).

The details are:
1. First 28 people (including me) to sign up are in.

2. Each person buys ONE yard of text print fabric.

3. Fabric should be 100% cotton quilt shop quality.

4. Fabric should be unwashed and from a smoke free home.

5. Post your fabric pics in the flickr group so we can avoid duplicates.

6. Cut your fabric into 5x10 inch rectangles. This is essentially two charm squares, just not cut into two pieces to allow for more flexibility. You will get 28 rectangles from each yard with some left over for your stash. Look at this tutorial on cutting charms by Elizabeth Hartman if you need assistance. You will cut 7 five inch strips x WOF, and then cut these strips in half.

7. Mail cut cut rectangles to me along with a self-addressed stamped envelope by May 12th.

8. International Swappers are welcome - it would be great to get non-English prints. I am happy to cut for you and will send you a Paypal invoice for actual shipping charges back to you.

9. Fill out form below to sign up. I will email everyone to let them know if they are in the swap.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sewing Summit

I luckily started this blogging thing in the sewing/quilting world just in time to hear all the buzz about Sewing Summit. Thanks to Twitter. Well, when they announced the dates, and people started booking rooms left and right, I quickly asked my hubby if I could go. He said yes! I mean a convention with all my favorite bloggers, like minded crafty souls, um YES. Thankfully, twitter was all a buzz about the registration details, and my son fortuitously slept in this morning (he doesn't let me use the computer in front of him), so I was able to log on right at 8am PST and snag one of the early first 50 registrant codes for $50 off the price! Whoot! It was my lucky day. I can't wait to meet so many amazing bloggers and sewers.

Sew Happy QAL Progress

Well, I missed the deadline for the completed tops for the prizes, but I am still making progress on the Sew Happy Geek QAL. I made 4 more blocks, so up to 8 now. 2/3 of the way there, although I left the hard ones for last. I think I need to re-do the first block below. I love it, but the background on the strawberries just doesn't really match with the rest of the aqua. I think I can re-purpose it into something fun, perhaps a tote bag panel.

I learned two things in making these blocks that are probably super standard old hat stuff for experienced quilters. 1: Starch. Oh boy does this make a difference. Love it. Although did get a little flaky toward the end, not sure how to avoid that. and 2. Pressing seams in opposite directions so that they match up when joining rows, etc. That really worked. So some of my later blocks came out very accurate, the best I have done so far. Super excited about these tricks. Can't wait to learn more.

Love this, but just doesn't go.

I love, love, love the Pezzy Print. So had to do a block with those. I kinda wish I had done a solid grey with the grey pezzy, but I still like it alot.

This is my favorite block so far. It is made with the Dalmation print from my I-Spy swap, and then the big dots are from the polka dot swap I just participated in.

And the final one. Love this too.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Swaps Galore

There have been a ton of swaps out there. Flickr is really an amazing thing for the on-line sewing community. Love it. Anyhow, I have joined several fabric swaps. My hubby says we are keeping the post office afloat! I joined one, then the mailroom at work lost my fabric - only an envelope with a SASE arrived with the host! But since I put my name and address in the ziplock bag, the post office mailed it back to me! So I am repurposing those 10 inch squares.

These are my fabrics that I need to cut for the rainbow charm swaps hosted by Sweet Diesel Designs, Sew Jane Sew, and Elyse Susan Designs. Thanks Ladies, I know how much work swaps are now!. I have some cutting to do.

These lovelies were from the small charm swap done in connection with the Scrapbuster Swap ladies, organized by Kari - thank you Kari.

This nice big stack is from a 4 inch square rainbow swap hosted by Bolo Heads. These will be perfect for my Bottled Rainbow project.

Finally, a nice polka dot swap hosted by Knotted Thread. Thank you! I love all these so much, and have already put some of the red and aqua ones in my Sew Happy QAL. Think I better lay off the swaps for now.

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