Friday, March 30, 2012

Bee Blocks

I joined a couple of bees that started (or restarted) in March. I probably shouldn't have joined so many! But I always over commit myself. And, it is getting me to try things I otherwise wouldn't.

The first is the Gone Quiltin Bee. I finished my two star blocks for Alisha in the nick of time. She chose the wonky star. They were fun to make and did come together quickly.

The other block for the Gone Quiltin bee was for Debbie. She chose a Thangles sampler. I had never tried Thangles before. They were nice and easy to use.

The other Bee I am in is called Simplebee. In this bee we are doing the Garden Fence block. I really love this block and it is really easy to make. I plan to use this bee to help me make a quilt for our bedroom.

Finally, I joined a bee called Fat Stash Bee. Joelle requested any star - but wonky. There were a lot of great choices. I found my choice on the Gen X Quilter's Block Library. The Block is Quattro Stagioni Star. Pretty easy to make - IF - you can get your points to match up. It took me several tries. Sigh.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LA Fashion District

So despite, growing up in Los Angeles, I have never been to the Garment District. I have always wanted to go, however. Well, I finally went when we were down in LA visiting my family for my birthday weekend. We were on our way to spend the night with a friend in Santa Monica - sans Baby - so my hubby, who HATES shopping was with me. It was the perfect way to prevent me blowing the bank. We paid for 1 hour of parking and he tagged along, saying he was happy to see me so blissfully happy.

I was a little disappointed that there seemed to be plenty of shops selling all kinds of specialty fabrics, but really only one store - Michael Levine - selling quality quilting cottons. I was also a little disappointed to see that their prices were standard, and even a little bit higher than some of my favorite on-line shops. But boy did they have a selection. And, they did have a nice sized section for $6 a yard.

Look at all these .. I wanted them so badly, but at $18 a yard, it was not in the budget.

I mostly stuck to the sale section, and scored a yard of each of these for $6 a yard.

Then we went across the street where we hit the jackpot. The "remnant" section. It was filled with giant bins and bins of fabric, and it was sold by the pound. So, you couldn't get any cuts of fabric. I was almost out of time at this point, so I quickly rummaged through the bins while my hubby paid across the street.

I scored all of this for $18. Probably about 4.5 yards of blue seersucker, which I plan to make pants and a vest for my boy for a summer wedding, and perhaps a dress for me to match. Then a bunch of striped jersey to make infinity scarves, and a few other things. I can't wait to start sewing with this stuff.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Purse!

"I did it!" That's what my 17 month old son likes to say! But, I did. I made my first purse. Whoa, man, I'm hooked. I have a good friend who's my crafty/sewing buddy. We really started to bond last summer when we discovered our mutual love of making things. She came over several nights a week to help me make costumes for my husband and his buddies for Burning Man. We talked about getting together to do a purse making sewing playdate for a while, and this past weekend we made it happen while my hubby was away on business.

I had scoured the internet wanting to make the perfect bag since we don't get to do this all that often. I decided on the Go Anywhere Bag by Noodlehead. We ended up inviting a few other girls over, who were just going to hang out. Then, I might have inadvertently invited my new neighbors over. I was really trying to tell them to let us know if we were too loud when using the hot tub (yes I have one, and I love it) late at night post sewing. They kinda invited themselves over. I didn't want to start off uninviting them. Anyhow, all that to say we didn't really get started till close to 10pm.

Thankfully the pattern is really well-written, as we had had a few cocktails at that point. We did, however, need to consult each other several times, so I do what? But with our two heads, we prevailed. At 5:30 a.m.!!!! See it was daylight savings night, and so we really finished (well mostly) at 4:30 a.m. only to realize we lost an hour. D'oh. So we rushed to bed, as my son was due to awake in a few hours. Oh, boy, was it rough to get up at 8am when he did. I don't usually nap when he does, but that day I did.

I am so in love with the purse. Maybe it is because I made it. With my favorite color. I used a purple duck cloth for the main bag, and then two pretty purple prints I got at the super clearance at JoAnn's. I plan to make more bags from this pattern for friends. Next time I think I will use some interfacing on the outer part of the bag to make a little more substantial.

Zippy Pouches

So, now that my new sewing machine is broken in and AWESOME, I have been a sewing junkie (albeit with limited sewing time). I have SOOOOOO many projects on my plate, on my to do list, on my wish list. But, I also have a ton of birthday's this month, like a ton. So I decided to try the tutorial for Scrappy Zippy Pouches from Noodlehead. I LOVE this blog, she has great tutorials, patterns, etc. Check it out. Anyhow, the zippy pouch tutorial is great, and I think the pouches turned out great too, if I may say so myself. Next time I want to try to cover the ends of the zippers.

I made this scissor pouch for my sister who just passed her cosmetology exam!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Modern Mini Challenge

Well, I finished my mini quilt for the Modern Mini Challenge hosted by Ellison Lane Quilts. I did, however, miss the linky deadline by a hair (a few minutes) because I was working up to the last minute (due to lots of work, sick baby, bad back, etc.) and then technology issues (good camera in sick baby room - to take photos of rash - I-phone pics jamming phone, etc.). Thankfully since I emailed Jennifer minutes after the linky closed, she was kind enough to manually add me. YAY! Not that I will be eligible for anything but Mr. Random Generator with all the gorgeous quilts out there. I am still so glad I participated. I got to design my own quilt and do my first machine quilting. I am HOOKED!

I wanted to make something that I could put on the door of my son's room. So that was the design inspiration. He loves monkeys and he loves balloons and I love rainbow colors. So there you have it.

It is 14.5 x 15.5. I just received a new sewing machine (Singer Quilter's Confidence) for an early birthday present and it was like butter. I love it. Perfect stitches, and I was able to use a fun kite-like stitch for the balloon strings as shown (sort of) in the picture above. I am so happy how it turned out.

Modern Mini Challenge
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