Monday, November 5, 2012

For the love of Echino

I love Echino.  Alot.  I have been collecting some here and there.  But a few recent sales have left me ordering like mad!  Just wanted to share some Echino news for you fellow lovers out there.

Attempting to organize my stash.
They new NiCo line is out and I love it, such bright and fun colors.  I got these (below) from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics during her moving sale (that is now over, sorry).  But.... Jennifer from Brave Little Chicken is hosting an Echino layer cake (10 inch squares) swap, (check out flickr group here), if you are interested in getting a piece of the whole line at a great price (and no shipping or cutting on your part!).  This will probably fill up soon.

One of my favorite shops, Intrepid Thread, has some of the Decoro Line at a regular price of $16.95 per yard!  Julie has the best prices.  She also just got her retail space and is currently moving in, yay!  So she's having a sale, MOVE15 to get 15% off your entire cart for this week. Offer is good until Friday 11/9.   This applies to the whole store (website only, not etsy), including Ruby Star Shining!

Source Intrepid Thread

And, I just scored some more bicycles from an older line from Form and Fabric that were on sale for $14 a yard.  They also have $2.99 shipping, and also sell by 1/4 yards.

Source Form and Fabric
If you are looking for some older lines. I got a ton of stuff recently from Del Ray Fabrics.  They have lots of last year's line for only $10 a yard.  Note, they do rip and not cut their fabrics if that is a problem for you.

So, there you have it, lots of options for well priced Echino out there.  If you know of more, please, do tell!


  1. I've been buying a ton of Echino lately too. LOVE it! I'm all over that swap. Thanks for the heads up. : )

  2. Love Echino! May have a little Echino envy after seeing that gorgeous stack of fabrics there!

  3. I love seeing the Echino fabrics - I really want to get those deer with glasses to make something for my little one who wears glasses!

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