Friday, October 5, 2012

Tula Pink QAL: Hushabye Quilt

Tula Pink Sew Along
It's my turn on the fabulous Sew Sweetness Tula Pink Sew along.   Full details here.  I can't believe I was able to participate in something so epic!  I am a new quilter, but have fallen in love with Tula Pink and have tried to snatch up what I could of her existing and past lines (that a few shops luckily still had in stock).  I was assigned the Hushabye Pattern, a great pattern to show of Tula Pink's amazing creatures and designs with a little fussy cutting.  
I knew this pattern would be a perfect way to mix up some of Tula's fabulous lines.  I used Prince Charming frogs for the fussy cut features, and then mixed in some more Prince Charming, Plume, Parisville and some Birds and the Bees.  I just love how all the fabrics came together.

I stuck with the pattern.  The only modifications I made was that I used a different fabric for the large border triangles than the frog fabric and the pattern calls for using the same fabric.  Tula's pattern says this is an intermediate pattern.  I would agree.  There are a ton of bias edges to sew for the borders.  The  center part are just pin wheels made of half square triangles and set on point.  That's easy.  The borders though are all triangles.  I tried to use a ton of starch, and I still had some stretching problems (you can see that in the edges).  The border points also don't line up perfectly, but I'm OK with it, I'm still learning and this was by far the biggest and most ambitious quilt I have done so far.  But the pattern was really clear and easy to follow, so those of you with more experience should have no trouble at all, and those of you still learning like me can take comfort in knowing the pattern walks you through everything and even if you don't sew it perfectly, you'll still end up with a great quilt top.

I love how the quilt top turned out and can't wait to finish it.  I'd love to try it again once I get a little better at bias edges and triangles.  Thanks Sara for including me in this great blog hop.  P.s. please excuse the poor pictures, I finished just in the nick of time, and so had to take pictures in bad light, while windy, with no one to help!  Ooops.  Next time I know to add in a little time in case (when) the photo shoot doesn't go well.


  1. I love how many of the Tula Pink fabric lines you used and how well they all get along. The quilt looks amazing, congrats on being part of the hop.

  2. The fabric is devine! This is where I get noisy when I put fabric at this level together. You did a wonderful job for a newbee. Thank you for sharing...Judith, Texas

  3. Looks great! I think all your seams lined up nicely.

  4. This is beautiful, Lorelei! I love it!


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