Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sewing Summit Recap

Wow, so .... Sewing Summit.  One word:  AMAZING.  Really, a dream come true for me.  While I may be new to sewing, blogging about sewing, etc. I am obsessed with it.  I have "met" so many amazing, talented, supportive and funny quilters and sewers on-line through twitter, IG and Flickr.  And thanks to Sewing Summit, I actually got to hang out with all of them ... live person.  It was like summer camp, so much fun!!!  So, what was it like?  Well ....

I got to shop for fabric with other fabric loving friends, which I had NEVER done before.  So much fun.  I also got to see some new fabric from Riley Blake that is coming out soon, that I MUST HAVE!.  I was pretty good and only bought 3 or 4 yards.  I am slow to unpack, so I haven't taken pictures of the loot yet!

I also got to meet the two British beauties Katy and Laura Jane.  They were sooooooooo nice, with adorable accents, and super fun to hang out with.

I also got to meet Kristina and Shannon and MaLora (not pictured), who immediately became my new BFF's.  Seriously a highlight of the trip.  I miss them soooooo much already.

And hang out with Shannon, Kristina and MaLora and drink wine, eat chocolate and talk about fabric, pretty dreamy right?

I also got to meet these uber talented quilting rock stars, Megan, Megan, and Jeni.

And finally meet Amy and Terri, more twitter and IG friends.  Amy gave me a Paul Frank watch and Terri bought me a beer.  Seriously, super sweet girls.  And talented.  I love Terri's Etsy Shop.

And, I got to see Katy's amazing swoon quilt, modelled by the snarky short girls Amy and Audrie (whom I was also super thrilled to meet, as she is even funnier and awesomer in person).  

And go to this fabulous mixer hosted by Amy and her Salt Lake City MQG.  The swag giveaways at that party was unreal.  I was so bummed we showed up late (we were sewing!) but Shannon won an amazing bundle of pinks from Pink Chalk Fabrics that she gave me, cause she's a rock star like that.

And I got to do hand stitching projects in the lobby in my PJ's with tons of other fun women.  Like I said, summer camp.  And I met a ton of other amazing people that I didn't get pictures of, you know who you are!

And, I got to see TONS of amazing handmade items, like this super cute pouch Amy had, and all the gorgeous weekenders that Laura and Amber and many others made.  I ordered the pattern, and it's on my to-do list.

Oh, and classes, let's not forget about classes (although it's really about the people!).   I got to take so many awesome classes.  I made a skirt, a scarf, learned new quilting techniques (like curves!), learned more about zippers and interfacing from the amazing Sara, learned about photography, and blogging.  Phew!  It was an exhausting few days, but worth every tired bone in my body.

I got delayed coming home (which was soo sad as I was dying to see my baby), so I made good use of the time, and made a few hexie flowers.

And then I got to come home to this adorable munchkin who turned 2 the day before (yes, mommy missed his birthday, but threw him a rocking Elmo party the weekend prior).

I can't wait for next year.  This year I was one of the lucky first 50 who registered and received a discount.  I am going to start training for next year's registration now, I can't imagine missing out!


  1. seriously, how did we not get a pictures together?! Oh, and i'm still mad at you for the lack of invite with the wine, next year, you owe me -- andddd I see me in that picture of Katy! haha woohoo!

  2. Seriously awesome to spend time with you and become even closer and better friends! I can't wait for next year and maybe even a sewing meet up before then? You are fabulous!

  3. Ok. of all the blog posts about the sewing summit... yours has left me very jealous... and i'll be there next year!

  4. This so exactly captures how amazing Sewing Summit was!!!! I miss you guys so much already. Such fun with friends and sewing too... heaven!!!!!

  5. I love your recap! So glad I got to meet you!! :D

  6. What an awesome recap! It was SO nice to meet you! Awesome hexies btw. And WHO'S Swoon quilt is that? I'd really like to see that one as it's finished up!

  7. This was a wonderful review of a wonderful Sewing Summit. I am so glad I got to meet you. See you next year

  8. So glad you had such a great time! Looks like it was a blast!

  9. You, Missy, are a rock star! I loved meeting you! And thank you for the party beads!! They are now adorning my spool rack :-)

  10. Twas so awesome to meet you!


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