Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Perferred Palette Challenge

So, back at Sewing Summit, my new besties came up with the idea of keeping the fun growing by doing a monthly challenge.  The idea is that we have a partner pick a palette for us that is different from the one we normally use.  We get to make whatever we like, but we have to push ourselves to create with colors we don't normally use.

I get to pick colors for the lovely Shannon of Sew Your Own Way (LOVE her).  Her favorite colors are purple and orange, and she loves halloween fabrics.  She put together a mosaic of her usual/favorite palette:

Preferred Palette Challenge November 2012

So, with this in mind, I hit up the great color inspiration site Design Seeds.  So many amazing palettes to choose from.  But for some reason this grabbed me.


I think maybe because it was totally different from Shannon's usual style and because it reminded me of my trip to Istanbul, and I liked it!  The colors from this palette I chose was coral, cactus, mustard and pink.


And, because I really liked how MaLora did an inspiration collage for my colors on her post here, I searched google images to create one for Shannon.  I really love seeing the palette in action.  It's kinda like spring and fall's offspring!  


Have fun Shannon.  I'm really enjoying this challenge, stay tuned for updates on my fabric pull for the colors MaLora chose for me, this is definitely going to be a challenge!


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

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