Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rainbow Bean Bags

Well, not too much sewing time happening here.  Busy Busy Busy with lots of other things, weddings, travel, vacation, a toddler that won't let me out of his sight or do anything else other than focus 100% on him when I am home, and WORK.  I also have the problem that I am not organized with my craft supplies, or my projects, so sometimes when I could squeeze in a little sewing here or there, it's too much of a mental hurdle to get everything all in order to do so.  Oh how I wish I had my very own craft room.  But, this weekend, I decided I NEEDED to have a finish.  I NEEDED to cross something off my very long "to sew" list.

I chose to make my son some bean bags (they are actually filled with rice, but we still call them bean bags).  He loves my husband's corn hole game.  Just loves loves loves it.  I thought he would like to have his own set of bags to play with.  And I was right.  He LOVES them.  We have played with them every day, sometimes several times a day, since I made them.  Homemade toy baby loves, AWESOME.

I had been planning to make these for quite a while, way back when I first started to get sucked into sewing (all the way back to January!).  And, I bought some fat quarters from Jo-Ann's for the project.  Well, now that I know what's up with fabric, I don't like the quality of these fat quarters at all.  But, I figured since I had them, I should use them, and in something that doesn't need to be soft.  But the thin quality of the fabric made the applique difficult, and I am not too sure how long they will hold up. But, then I can always make more.

I also have another reason for moving this project to the front of the line.  My son is turning 2 in October.  And, I have been going nuts planning his Elmo/Sesame Street themed birthday party.  Check out my crazy Pinterest board for this party.  So, I am going to have my husband make a bean bag toss board for the party, and now we have the bean bags!

In action!


  1. I'm finding that clear plastic 12" square scrapbooking totes work really well to keep my ongoing projects organized. I toss my fabrics and notions into the tote, then I can separate project parts into baggies, envelopes or just between paper. Makes it easy to grab and go - whether it be for a 30 minute session or a sew-day.

    Love the bean bags!

  2. Sesame Street and bean bags are such classics. My oldest had that theme for his b'day oh so long ago - Big Bird was big stuff back then. I like how you included numbers on the bags, who said math can't be fun.

  3. These are adorable! I've been meaning to make my girls a hopscotch mat and bean bags. These are much cuter than the plain old ones I was thinking of!

  4. The rainbow bean bags are beautiful. Have a look at them useful information


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