Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fabric Hoarder

I know I am not alone. In fact, so many of the fabrics I purchase are because I see them on other fabric hoarder, errr I mean, sewer blogs! But..... Houston, we have a problem. Lately, I have been really busy at work. Lots of legal work, with little sewing time = lots of on-line shopping. You know there is a saying at my work that you can really tell how busy the associates are by the number of boxes that arrive at the office. Busy worker bees = lots of boxes. And, I am a SUCKER for a sale.  Always have been.  A sale = way more money than you would have spent on something you didn't need, but it's ok, cause it was on sale!  Oops.  Well, since I don't have any completed projects, or even works in progress really, to show you, I will share some of my recent purchases, cause us hoarders (sewers) really like to see fabric too.  What these lovelies will be - who knows, I have no plans..... Yet!

Lillybelle FQ Bundle from Intrepid Thread

Riley Blake Ombre Dots FQ bundle from Etsy 

My precious Tula Pink Stash purchased all over - mostly yardage for $5 a yard - WHAT?  Awesome =)
Sale goodies from (except for the echino glasses!)

More sale goodies from

My first Kaffe Fasset - OMG LOVE!!!!! (more sale goodies from
Some fun prints from Etsy and Ebay

Hope you enjoyed that eye candy.  More coming your way.  There might have been some more Tula Pink birds and the bees and Riley Blake chevrons purchased (have you seen those tonal chevrons yet?????).  Ohhh, and Madrona Road.  Intrepid Thread gets that in next week, EEEEEP.


  1. Wow - you sure find the good sales!

  2. uhhh DROOOL!! you shop the same places I do.... I love - and also connecting threads :-)

  3. I love And I always have to spend enough to get free shipping so I buy a lot of fabric!

  4. is a dangerous place. So much sale stuff and great shipping deal.

    They have a lot of funky prints which I love (I think I need some of the pin-up men fabric).

  5. all fabric is dangerous.. someone was having a giveaway and asked for you to pick, your favorite of what they were posting.. I dont have one favorite as long as its quality.

  6. I love that newspaper print in the bottom picture!

    1. The fabric hoarder is a good blog. Read to know more about it


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