Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Purse

Yay, another small finish.  My neighbors have two girls, 8 and 4.  My son LOVES them sooo much.  He's so happy when he gets to see them and play with them.  They are so kind and sweet to him (although they do have a short tolerance for him, after about 30 minutes the baby is not that entertaining anymore since he can't really play the way they want!).  Well, the 8 year old just had a birthday and I was reminded of it a few days before.  I wanted to make her something, so I went to one of my favorite resources, So Can She.  They have a free sewing tutorial EVERY day!  So many great tutorials.  

My messy sewing space, AKA dinning room table!

 I thought an 8 year old girl would love a little purse and Nikki's ruffle purse tutorial looked just perfect.      It was a great tutorial, and came together really fast.  I am a pretty slow sewer, and always make mistakes, and I put it together in a few hours.

I just did straight line quilting 1/4 inch from each seam on both sides to make a grid.  I really love how it turned out, and can't wait to do this on a larger quilt someday.

Here is the back.  I unintentionally placed the more monochromatic squares on the back, and the ones with more white on the front!  Turns out my little neighbor friend loves bags, and was sooo happy with her gift.  Yay!  Nothing better right.


  1. iTS adorable I think I will make me one.. I need one badly. thanks for sharing

  2. PS... I cant wait to show you what I bought, Remember I told you that I love your banner,,, blah , blah,, well I love mermaids and I am remodeling my bedroom. I found this lady that hand paints mermaids its called vintage mermaids on etsy and you can quilt with them, They are awesome, I havent gotten them yet..

  3. I love this bag! I'm trying to find something cute to carry everyone's goodies in on the plane. I'm afraid to put it in checked luggage!


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