Friday, August 24, 2012

Birthday Purse

Yay, another small finish.  My neighbors have two girls, 8 and 4.  My son LOVES them sooo much.  He's so happy when he gets to see them and play with them.  They are so kind and sweet to him (although they do have a short tolerance for him, after about 30 minutes the baby is not that entertaining anymore since he can't really play the way they want!).  Well, the 8 year old just had a birthday and I was reminded of it a few days before.  I wanted to make her something, so I went to one of my favorite resources, So Can She.  They have a free sewing tutorial EVERY day!  So many great tutorials.  

My messy sewing space, AKA dinning room table!

 I thought an 8 year old girl would love a little purse and Nikki's ruffle purse tutorial looked just perfect.      It was a great tutorial, and came together really fast.  I am a pretty slow sewer, and always make mistakes, and I put it together in a few hours.

I just did straight line quilting 1/4 inch from each seam on both sides to make a grid.  I really love how it turned out, and can't wait to do this on a larger quilt someday.

Here is the back.  I unintentionally placed the more monochromatic squares on the back, and the ones with more white on the front!  Turns out my little neighbor friend loves bags, and was sooo happy with her gift.  Yay!  Nothing better right.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rainbow Bean Bags

Well, not too much sewing time happening here.  Busy Busy Busy with lots of other things, weddings, travel, vacation, a toddler that won't let me out of his sight or do anything else other than focus 100% on him when I am home, and WORK.  I also have the problem that I am not organized with my craft supplies, or my projects, so sometimes when I could squeeze in a little sewing here or there, it's too much of a mental hurdle to get everything all in order to do so.  Oh how I wish I had my very own craft room.  But, this weekend, I decided I NEEDED to have a finish.  I NEEDED to cross something off my very long "to sew" list.

I chose to make my son some bean bags (they are actually filled with rice, but we still call them bean bags).  He loves my husband's corn hole game.  Just loves loves loves it.  I thought he would like to have his own set of bags to play with.  And I was right.  He LOVES them.  We have played with them every day, sometimes several times a day, since I made them.  Homemade toy baby loves, AWESOME.

I had been planning to make these for quite a while, way back when I first started to get sucked into sewing (all the way back to January!).  And, I bought some fat quarters from Jo-Ann's for the project.  Well, now that I know what's up with fabric, I don't like the quality of these fat quarters at all.  But, I figured since I had them, I should use them, and in something that doesn't need to be soft.  But the thin quality of the fabric made the applique difficult, and I am not too sure how long they will hold up. But, then I can always make more.

I also have another reason for moving this project to the front of the line.  My son is turning 2 in October.  And, I have been going nuts planning his Elmo/Sesame Street themed birthday party.  Check out my crazy Pinterest board for this party.  So, I am going to have my husband make a bean bag toss board for the party, and now we have the bean bags!

In action!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fabric Hoarder

I know I am not alone. In fact, so many of the fabrics I purchase are because I see them on other fabric hoarder, errr I mean, sewer blogs! But..... Houston, we have a problem. Lately, I have been really busy at work. Lots of legal work, with little sewing time = lots of on-line shopping. You know there is a saying at my work that you can really tell how busy the associates are by the number of boxes that arrive at the office. Busy worker bees = lots of boxes. And, I am a SUCKER for a sale.  Always have been.  A sale = way more money than you would have spent on something you didn't need, but it's ok, cause it was on sale!  Oops.  Well, since I don't have any completed projects, or even works in progress really, to show you, I will share some of my recent purchases, cause us hoarders (sewers) really like to see fabric too.  What these lovelies will be - who knows, I have no plans..... Yet!

Lillybelle FQ Bundle from Intrepid Thread

Riley Blake Ombre Dots FQ bundle from Etsy 

My precious Tula Pink Stash purchased all over - mostly yardage for $5 a yard - WHAT?  Awesome =)
Sale goodies from (except for the echino glasses!)

More sale goodies from

My first Kaffe Fasset - OMG LOVE!!!!! (more sale goodies from
Some fun prints from Etsy and Ebay

Hope you enjoyed that eye candy.  More coming your way.  There might have been some more Tula Pink birds and the bees and Riley Blake chevrons purchased (have you seen those tonal chevrons yet?????).  Ohhh, and Madrona Road.  Intrepid Thread gets that in next week, EEEEEP.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hexie MF Progress

Well, I just returned from a week in the California mountains, Sequoia National Forest to be exact.  No internet, no power.  What's a crafty girl to do - work on Hexy MF of course.  I though I'd get so much done.  Well, as I am still learning, a vacay with an almost 2 year old, actually does not provide all that much downtime.  And, when the downtime you do have is spent doing dishes, cooking or hanging out with family, not a lot of sewing progress.

But, I did manage to make a few flowers from the many basted hexies I have completed.  7 to be exact. Only 61 to go!  I'm gonna finish this in ..... a few years?  Quite possibly with my crazy, barely have time to sew or blog life.  Sniff, sniff.  But onward I go!  

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