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Keepin It Real: Diane from Random Thoughts ... Do or "Di"

Next up in the series is Diane from Random Thoughts ... Do or "Di."   I came across Diane's blog quickly after falling into this wonderful on-line quilting/sewing community.  I was instantly drawn to Diane and her blog.  Not only does she share her quilting prowess, but her life and family adventures as well (I love that!).  And boy does she have a good looking family, they look like they walked off a Ralph Lauren AD!  Diane has four boys, and many grandchildren.  I have always wanted four boys, I guess after babysitting for a family with 4 boys (under the age of 6) when I was a teenager.  She makes it look like so much fun!  Diane's posts are always cheerful and full of beautiful pictures, and visiting her blog is always a nice break to my day.  So let's read more about this amazing woman shall we?

See how cute are they!
What is the most ridiculous thing you have done in the name of quilting/sewing?
I don’t know if this is ridiculous, but I wanted to finish a quilt to enter into a contest, so I put everything on hold that week. I even told my grandkids they couldn’t come visit one afternoon, just because I wanted to sew. It all worked out because I actually was one of the winners in that contest. The Retro Flowers QAL.

How much time, on average, do you devote to blogging a week?
I try to blog at least twice a week, but sometimes I blog everyday. It just depends on what I am working on and how busy I am with other things.

I think this is my favorite quilt from Diane, huge granny square quilt in Reunion.
I try to sew everyday. Sometimes it’s just an hour and sometimes, like when I am trying to finish a project, it can be 5-7 hours. I usually never sew on the machine at night, but do handwork in the evening while watching TV and talking with my husband.

 If you had a magical quilting/sewing assistant, what would you delegate?
I don’t like pressing and starching the fabrics before cutting, so I would probably delegate that to my assistant. Also, managing scraps, I wish there was a way to magically make them organized and cut into different sized squares and rectangles. And basting, ugh, it hurts my knees!

What is your favorite social media tool?
This one is easy. I love Instagram. I think I like the photos better than my good Nikon camera, and they are easy to share with friends, family and followers.

Or maybe this is my favorite.  These two quilts made me buy this line!

 What is your favorite type of post to read on other blogs?
My favorite types of post to read on other blogs are many. I like to read about new fabrics coming out, new (to me) techniques, projects people are working on. I also love cooking and especially baking blogs.

What is your favorite sewing tool?
I have a few favorite tools.
The rotary cutter
The ¼” ruler
The Hera marker
And my Bernina 820!

What is the nicest thing a reader has ever done for you?
The nicest thing a reader has ever done for me is not a thing at all, but something she said…That I was a role model for her and that she hopes that when her children are grown that they have a close and loving relationship like I do with my boys. That meant a lot to me because all I have ever done in my life was to try to be a good mom.
Things…I have received several lovely surprise gifts in the mail, like blocks and zip pouches, just because! That is always a nice surprise.

Diane's Retro Flower Winner!!!
 What is your fabric buying style?
I like online stores, period. The stores close to my home never have what I want and surely don’t carry all the latest designer fabrics that I so enjoy working with.
I tend to buy FQ stacks of the entire line. I am not good at buying from different lines with a quilt in mind, but once I have the fabric in front of me I am able to mix and match a little better.

How do you support your fabric buying habit?
This one’s easy…I have a very loving and generous husband.

How adorable is this one?  Come on Diane, give us the tutorial!!

What is one thing most people don’t know about you.
I’ve always wanted to have a goat cheese farm and a small vineyard.

 Finally, show us your stash!!!
I am in the process of decorating a newly acquired room in our home for my sewing room, so my stash is in several places at the moment.

She was kind enough to share anyway!

Lots of great fabric in there.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Diane.  I did.  Thanks Diane.


  1. Thank you for honoring me with such a nice post.

  2. I love her blog she is the best. She really knows how to balance it all!

  3. I totally agree with you, I'm in love with her blog too! It always makes my day when I can read what She's up to :)It was a great interview, thank you for putting it together!

  4. I have followed Diane for quite a while and I absolutely love what she posts about! I don't have children yet but I hope my family will be close like hers!

  5. It's great to know a little bit more about our bloggy friend Di! Goat cheese- yum!

  6. I follow her blog and she is lots of fun to read!

  7. Di is one of the loveliest people in blogland. Thank you for featuring her.

  8. I know Di and she is great! Would love to get so much accomplished like she does. She can get quilts made along with tending to her garden and canning whatever her garden produces. When I grow up, I want to be just like Di!

  9. Love Di and her blog, can't wait to meet her in October for the first time :o)

  10. Love Di - great to see her popping up all over the place!

  11. I love Diane! She is one of my very most favorite people I've met. She is beautiful in every single way :-)

  12. I agree, a tutorial on the one you mentioned would be great!

  13. AH! I love her! Great interview, Lorelei!

  14. Love Diane and loved reading about her. Thanks for the great interview Lorelei!


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