Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilting for Kids

I love love love Flickr.  Probably my favorite social media site.  Through Flickr, I found out about Quilting for Kids, started by the lovely Sarah of So Sarah Sews.  Turns out our mom's have similar stories, and she started the group to make quilts for the foster children that her mother helps.

My mother's story:  She is a retired social worker who has always loved kids.  She (and my father) adopted my sister Crystal and I as babies.  She then took in foster children when I was young, and two of those special babies became my sisters.

My sweet mother and two sisters with my little son when he was a tiny baby.

She worked for many many years as a social worker for a foster care agency and foster parent trainer.  After she retired recently, she became a CASA.  With her first case, an autistic 12 year old boy living in a group home, she ended up getting him into boy scouts, chess lessons, among other things, but most importantly, a permanent home in record time.

She recently received a new case.  A 5 year old boy who recently lost his mother to suicide and his father to prison (because he tried to kill himself and the boy in grief).  So tragic.  But, my mom is on the case, doing all she can to help this little guy out.  We recently did a big fundraiser and raised $1,000 to send the kid to summer camp for the summer.  I reached out to Sarah and asked her if Quilting with Kids could help me make a special little comfort quilt for the little boy.  She enthusiastically said yes!  Thank you Sarah!

So I have decided that I would like to make this boy an I-Spy quilt using the awesome design and tutorial from Katie at Swim Bike Quilt.  If you want to help out, here's what you will need to do.

You will need 6 different 5" squares (perfect for those of you in my I-spy charm swap).  No super girly fabrics please.  Sew these together, and then add a solid border around it.  Easy peasy.

You can use any solid shade of green, yellow, orange, red or blue for the boarders.  You will need two 2x9.5" strips and two 2x17" strips.

I am asking for 24 blocks.

Sign up here if you want to help make a special quilt for a special little boy.


  1. I just picked out my charms. One of them has skulls on it. What's your feeling? I don't want it on Clara's quilt, but I didn't know if it would be one you would want on a little boy's quilt who just recently has had to deal with death. Let me know.

    Girl, we need to Skype so I can tell you all about TRAC. You would love it!

  2. I'll make one! I have lots of i spy blocks and would love to help you with your quilt. When do you need it by?


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