Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quilting for Charity

Quilting for charity is one of my favorite things to do. Combining a craft that I love for a good cause, just makes it so win win.  So, I have been doing some fun charity sewing lately.  Even though I have a TON on my plate, I just can't say no to a call for help.  A few weeks ago I saw a request from my Twitter friend Karen for quilters to help make blocks for a quilt for a sweet little 3 year old Kilah who was the unfortunate victim of serious domestic violence.  Reading about her story made me cry and my heart ache.  I immediately signed up for two blocks, and wished I could do more.  Karen requested the fun Fussy Cut Scrappy Square block created by the Q and U.  Thankfully Kilah is a beautiful little fighter.  I am so thrilled to be a part of this project.

Butterflies for Kilah

Love for Kilah

As I mentioned previously, this month Quilting for Kids is working on a quilt for my mother's new casa child.  We are using the tutorial by Katie of Swim, Bike Quilt found on the Moda Bakeshop.  Here is the block I made.  I really like it, and it came together so quickly.  I have a TON of I-spy squares from various swaps and I have been wanting to make my son an I-spy quilt (this is the main reason I got back into quilting recently) but haven't been able to decide on a design.  This may be the one!

I-Spy Fun

Last month, for Quilting for Kids, we made square in a square blocks for other foster children in need.  They wanted them bright and gender neutral.  I chose sock monkeys and a bright frog.  These blocks were also super fun to make and quick.

I love sock monkeys!
Although with the froggie one, I had my hubby help me with the math to determine how big the last few squares should be.  Well, chalk it up to marital miscommunication (or he wasn't listening), there were some errors that left the last row pretty tiny!

Fun froggie
Finally, a few months ago I joined Do Good Stitches.  I am in the Believe circle and we make quilts for children in the US foster care system through an organization called My Very Own Blanket.  For our first month, our wonderful and talented host, Jennifer from Knotted Thread, chose Elizabeth Hartman's Octogonal Orb block.  There are two variations as you can see below, solid rings and scrappy rings.  While I like them both, I prefer the scrappy rings.  BUT, these take WAY more time, and are quite time consuming.  But I love them.  Alot. Despite having lots of trouble getting my points to line up.  I am thinking about asking one of my bees to make the scrappy one for my month so I can make a quilt for my sister, as I think this design is cool enough for an 18 year old girl from Los Angeles!!!

Oh, Frasson's Octogonal Orb Block
Just a few little fun blocks to share.


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