Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hexie MF Quilt Along

Well, I adore Katy from I'm a Ginger Monkey, and follower her, often hilarious, tweets on twitter.  That's how I found about the Hexie MF quilt along she was doing.  Funny, cause I had just decided that with all my summer traveling I needed a portable sewing project and her Hexie MF quilt was what I decided to do.  So, I didn't need any convincing to join along, and now I will have complete instructions, awesome! 

My first hexies

Those instructions showed me that I needed a lot more paper pieces.  And, since paper pieces was having a special 25% off sale for the quilt along, I decided I should stock up on other pieces as well.  Cause, have you seen this pillow from Aylin.  Such rainbow texty goodness.  Or this pillow in the making by Terri of Sew Fantastic?  Gorgeous.  So, with the sale and all, I had no choice.  It was the right thing to do. 

Went to town at Paper Pieces

Now, I'm a bit impulsive, and a procrastinator at the same time!  Whoa?!  So, literally minutes before we left the house to go to Nicaragua for 10 days, I quickly cut into a few fabrics to start my hexie project in Nicaragua.  So it was not well thought out. 

Original 4 fabrics grabbed

After doing a few hexies, and LOVING IT (except having to re-string the needle for each hexie, is there a better eay?), I decided to pull some more fabrics.  Here's what I chose:

Bundle to round out the first four

And thinking I will do some kind of orange centers for the flowers.  What do you think?  All the same shade, solid, different color?  Feedback much welcomed.

With orange centers perhaps?


  1. I'm a bit impulsive too and I bought fabric to make this quilt. Does it matter that I have 485.596 other projects in the works???

  2. I love hexagons!!!!!! Theya re my favourite thing at the moment, and I am in the middle of making myself a bag out of them. Love the colours you have chosen.

  3. Looks awesome. I like the colors. Relaxing until the POP of color.

  4. love your color choices! the orange center is jazzed; love it!

  5. I'm totally hexie obsessed, so of course I'm doing this one, too. Should take me, oh, 2years!

  6. I'd like to try a hexie quilt but have no idea where to start. Is there a tutorial some place? How does this work??

  7. Is there a picture you could post of the Hexi MF Quilt?



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