Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Library Tote

Well, you know how I said I made my mother a super cool Melody Miller Typewriter Library Tote for Mother's Day?  Well, it was my intention to give it to her, really it was.  BUT, I got to thinking, she LOVES my son so much (her first grandson, and she has 4 girls), and is always bragging about him and showing his picture to strangers.  So, I thought I think she would really like something featuring my son better.  Then I stumbled upon this amazing quilt from Tina at Little Blue Cottage that featured appliques of her child's class' hand prints.  Genius.  So I decided to do that on a tote bag, and add a pocket for a picture, so my mom can add her recent favorite picture.  She LOVED the tote bag.  And I get to keep the Typewriter Tote which I LOVE.  We all win.  Hope everyone had a great mother's day.

My Mom modeling her new library tote bag featuring her grandson Damien.

The hand print which was hand quilted on, and his name and age in very poor embroidery (it was my first time).


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