Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sewing Summit

I luckily started this blogging thing in the sewing/quilting world just in time to hear all the buzz about Sewing Summit. Thanks to Twitter. Well, when they announced the dates, and people started booking rooms left and right, I quickly asked my hubby if I could go. He said yes! I mean a convention with all my favorite bloggers, like minded crafty souls, um YES. Thankfully, twitter was all a buzz about the registration details, and my son fortuitously slept in this morning (he doesn't let me use the computer in front of him), so I was able to log on right at 8am PST and snag one of the early first 50 registrant codes for $50 off the price! Whoot! It was my lucky day. I can't wait to meet so many amazing bloggers and sewers.


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