Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zippy Pouches

So, now that my new sewing machine is broken in and AWESOME, I have been a sewing junkie (albeit with limited sewing time). I have SOOOOOO many projects on my plate, on my to do list, on my wish list. But, I also have a ton of birthday's this month, like a ton. So I decided to try the tutorial for Scrappy Zippy Pouches from Noodlehead. I LOVE this blog, she has great tutorials, patterns, etc. Check it out. Anyhow, the zippy pouch tutorial is great, and I think the pouches turned out great too, if I may say so myself. Next time I want to try to cover the ends of the zippers.

I made this scissor pouch for my sister who just passed her cosmetology exam!


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