Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My First Purse!

"I did it!" That's what my 17 month old son likes to say! But, I did. I made my first purse. Whoa, man, I'm hooked. I have a good friend who's my crafty/sewing buddy. We really started to bond last summer when we discovered our mutual love of making things. She came over several nights a week to help me make costumes for my husband and his buddies for Burning Man. We talked about getting together to do a purse making sewing playdate for a while, and this past weekend we made it happen while my hubby was away on business.

I had scoured the internet wanting to make the perfect bag since we don't get to do this all that often. I decided on the Go Anywhere Bag by Noodlehead. We ended up inviting a few other girls over, who were just going to hang out. Then, I might have inadvertently invited my new neighbors over. I was really trying to tell them to let us know if we were too loud when using the hot tub (yes I have one, and I love it) late at night post sewing. They kinda invited themselves over. I didn't want to start off uninviting them. Anyhow, all that to say we didn't really get started till close to 10pm.

Thankfully the pattern is really well-written, as we had had a few cocktails at that point. We did, however, need to consult each other several times, so I do what? But with our two heads, we prevailed. At 5:30 a.m.!!!! See it was daylight savings night, and so we really finished (well mostly) at 4:30 a.m. only to realize we lost an hour. D'oh. So we rushed to bed, as my son was due to awake in a few hours. Oh, boy, was it rough to get up at 8am when he did. I don't usually nap when he does, but that day I did.

I am so in love with the purse. Maybe it is because I made it. With my favorite color. I used a purple duck cloth for the main bag, and then two pretty purple prints I got at the super clearance at JoAnn's. I plan to make more bags from this pattern for friends. Next time I think I will use some interfacing on the outer part of the bag to make a little more substantial.


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