Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cal Quilt

Well, I have made a few simple quilts in the many years since I learned in high school, but didn't take any pictures, so don't have much past stuff to share. But, I did make a Cal (University of California, Berkeley) quilt for a college friend ('00 Alum here) for their new baby. My plan at the time was to make one for all the little bear cubs in our group of friends, including my own little guy who was on the way. But, alas, I only managed to finish their quilt and start one for my son before the little monkey was born. Since his birth, I haven't resumed quilting, until now. I just recently finished the top, well, kinda. I finished the top, as planned. But since my son is now 15 months, I need to add some boarders - or more squares, to make it bigger. So I guess it is still technically a work in progress. But .. I want to - and have been - working on my I spy quilts. From what I have been reading on the blogs, it is fairly common for quilters to have several projects going at a time. So, this is normal, right? Anyhow, here is my almost finished top.

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  1. I LOVE this. Did you buy a kit to make it or did you design it yourself?


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